Nourish your life by cooking with love

Cooking con Amore is not JUST ANOTHER  cooking program, but a journey designed with you in mind. A celebration of life, food & connection. Italian inspired recipes that will make your taste buds sing. Indulge with delicious food...the healthy way. Expert interviews and a lot more.


Learn to
cook strategically

Being strategic in the kitchen means that you can eat whole food that nourishes and supports you -  even if you don't have lots of time to cook, or you think you cannot cook, I promise you can! My recipes are simple and inspired by my mum & grandma's home cooking.

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With a holistic approach in mind , our expert interviews will shine some light on simple changes that can really transform the way we feel - mind, body & soul - we talk about sleep & food, the importance of connection, mindful eating and much more.

Be part of a
supportive community

Enjoy the power of connection with like minded women who are on a journey towards a better version of themselves. Here we support and cheer each other in a judgement free zone.

Here's What You'll Learn

By taking this course today, you'll be inspired to create meals that are simple yet delicious, meals that nourish your body mind and soul. If you are a busy woman who often runs out of steam from over giving and often rely on a last minute commercial frozen meal or takeaway, I have created this course with you in mind and kept everything SIMPLE... so no matter what your level of expertise is, you can bet you'll find success and a good dose of fun and inspiration.


How & Why I have created this course

I believe knowledge is power, but sometimes information overload makes things complicated and overwhelming. My mission with this course is all about getting rid of the harsh judgment we often give ourselves and start thriving by embracing simplicity & imperfection. Start creating more vibrant health, happiness & connection for ourselves and the people we love.


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Section 1 - Food & Connection

Here we explore - Why food quality matters - The healing power of food - The importance of creating connection around the dinner table (even if you are eating alone).

Section 2 - Expert Interviews

Enjoy our expert interviews where we dig deeper into: Sleep & Food and how they affect each other - Mindful Eating & how stress affects digestion - Why do we need connection and how to have more.

Section 3 - Batch Cooking

I will teach you how to take simple ingredients and transform them into a nourishing meal. Healthy eating doesn't have to be complicated and cooking shouldn't feel like a chore or a punishment. By being strategic - my motto is "always cook more" - I will show you how to cook less and have meals ready for those emergency times when you need them the most. Say goodbye to "Dinner Time Stress".

Section 4 - Appetizers, Mains, Side Dishes

Italian inspired recipes that will have your taste buds singing. They are simple and most of them are also freezable. Hello freedom! These are here as a resource and inspiration for you to start creating nourishing meals with foods that are in season, and possibly local to you. Mix and match, swap ingredients... add some love, and success is guaranteed. For me true freedom in the kitchen, is to be able to create a nourishing meal with few simple fresh ingredients. I hope I will inspire you to embrace simplicity and imperfection and ... create.

Section 5 - Healthy Snacks/Desserts, Drinks & Fermenting

Healthy eating, doesn't need to be boring or treats free. These beautiful snacks and desserts are all gluten, dairy & refined sugar free. They are nutritious and delicious. I included some drinks ideas (including my healthy version of Italian hot chocolate!) as well as some basic and simple fermenting recipes to get started in adding some good probiotics in our lives.

Section 6 - Italian Classic Desserts

I am all for healthy eating, but I also love my "sometimes" dessert. At Christmas time, I definitely cannot refuse my grandma's mascarpone. Here I have included some Italian classics, I guarantee that your friends will be super impressed.

Special Bonus #1

A virtual tour for a REAL taste of Italy, a series of videos where I interview local people who are devoting their lives to create amazing quality foods and wines. I also interview my mum (an Italian chef of many years) and my grandmother. They will show us how to make pasta and the traditional local bread. I have done this to inspire you to RECONNECT to your own traditions and family wisdom. I surely learnt a lot about who I am by discovering more about the women in my family.  

Special Bonus #2

An exclusive private community. This is the place where we can ask questions, share struggles and wins. It is a beautiful group where we support each other in a judgment free zone

"The program changed my life in the kitchen and in the way I approach cooking. I would often come home and would opt for take away or commercial pre-prepared meals. Cooking con Amore has simplified healthy, wholesome meals that are easy to make and absolutely delicious. I learnt that cooking delicious, healthy food doesn't need to be difficult or stressful, as well as the importance of using fresh ingredients and simplifying meals to get the most out of the ingredients I am using"

Zoe Garrett

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Bonus #1: "Video Series A real taste of Italy"

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"I really had the opportunity to see how you lay out the building blocks of cooking con amore. I think often we don't get the good foundations upon which to build, so what I loved was having a solid foundation and also having all the extra parts like the expert interviews, the videos and the recipe cards. It's a great overall package and was simple and easy to follow. I also liked that I could do this at my own pace and I didn't have to rush through the program, which I think is also your message about taking time to do things for you and your family with love - no pressure!"

Natajsa Wagner

Frequently Asked Questions

This course is for people who are short of time, either over working or over giving, feeling tired and wanting more energies, but feeling stressed at the thought of having to cook dinner from scratch.

This course is a mix of health education, strategies and recipes to allow you to be organised and be able to cook when you can, have time, and feel like it, and avoiding it when you can't and dread the thought of it, but still having the nutrition you need to feel energetic and vibrantly healthy.

It takes away the pressure and stress from healthy eating, making it simple.

It inspires you to break free from complicated recipes and meal plans, allowing you to embrace simplicity and imperfection, and create your own simple combinations of fresh ingredients - which are what make a meal delicious.

The experts interview will give you some knowledge on how food & sleep are interrelated, the importance of mindful eating, and why we need more connection in our lives.

Finally the Italian videos - very rustic but also very real - will inspire you to ask more questions and learn more about your own culture traditions of creating amazing quality foods and wines, asking the elderly in your family to share their story with you ...doing this certainly helped me understanding myself better.

The private exclusive Facebook community will give you a safe a judgement free space where to share your wins and your struggles.

I believe Food is certainly important but to feel happy and healthy we need much more than that, and connection/community certainly help.

We are all in this together. Let's do this!


Absolutely. This course is designed ESPECIALLY for people who are short of time and still want to nourish themselves and family with REAL food.

You get access to the full content of the course from the time of purchase. This course is self paced and you have lifetime access.

All of the recipes have been created with a busy lifestyle in mind, so they are simple and quick to create.

The ones that will take a bit longer are the batch cooking ones, but that time investment will mean you will have your healthy meals cooked by you in the freezer for when you are too tired to cook, or you simply don't feel like it.



Usually the "I can't cook" situation is just a mindset block, maybe in the past people told you that your meals weren't great or you struggle with complicated recipes? Don't worry, it happened to me too, as I was obsessed with perfection, but I am recovering from that addiction hehe. 

The recipes are simple, eavh one has a PDF and a VIDEO DEMO to make it even easier. 

Plus the educational videos and the expert interviews will inspire you to give it a go, as whole food nutrition is one of the best investments we can do for our general wellbeing.

In this course we'll embrace the concept of simplicity and imperfection... sometimes we make things really complicated and they don't need to be. 

Plus, if you need support we have our private facebook group where we support and cheer each other and it is absolutely a judgment free zone!

Not a problem, you have 7 days to explore the course and if you do not love it, just send us an email at  with subject REFUND and we will return 100% of the course price. However we will not be able to process refunds after the 7 days period from date of purchase. 

Most courses will want you to follow meal plans, buy exotic ingredients and cook lengthy recipes.

This course has been created thinking of a busy person who is short of time, a mum, a dad, a person who works long hours, but still wants to eat real food.

Recipes are simple - PDF and a quick 2 minutes VIDEO tutorial are included to give a visual idea of the process.

It is actually all about empowering YOU to be able to cook WITHOUT RECIPES or meal plans, but stock up with fresh and in season fruit and vegetables, have some pantry staples, stock up on good quality meat and fish in the freezer and be able to create a delicious meal with WHAT YOU HAVE GOT.

That to me means FREEDOM!!!

I see wellness and vitality coming from a HOLISTIC perspective. FOOD is certainly important but there is so much more to it.

Connection with self and others, creating time to relax and be present...are possible and are essential. We talk about this too! As well as Sleep and so much more.

This is a very good starting point if you WANT to have more energies and happiness in your everyday life.

It is created by a woman who has touched rock bottom from overworking and over giving ... so I understand the feeling and I am here to support you on the journey from surviving to THRIVING.


Meal plans can be very useful for some people, and you can certainly create a simple one from the recipes provided if that helps you. 

To me a meal plan feels like another job, another restriction, something I would follow only if I had a particular health reason to do so and it was prescribed by a practitioner.

Here we look at how to create more health and vitality using the power of whole food and home cooking VERSUS prepackaged meals, takeaways etc which may have ingredients that are sabotaging your energy levels (colourings, preservatives, and many more).

My philosophy is to eat real food, listen to our body and how it responds to certain foods, and adjust our way of eating accordingly, so no DIETS suggested or provided. You decide what is right for your body.

Even though I have a degree in Complementary Medicine I am not a practitioner nor a Nutritionist so if you need a DIET and MEAL PLAN for specific health concerns - please see a qualified healthcare practitioner.


When I became a new mum I started dreading meal times as I was sleep deprived and stressed out by a baby and a toddler who were hungry NOW! I definitely got to the point where I had nothing left to give, and thankfully my grandmother reminded me how I had all the tools to give myself some love again, to get back to vibrant health and actually regain those energies to enjoy life, instead of surviving through it. So by getting strategic with my cooking I definitely turned my health around and transformed those moment of stress into moments of connection and love - while my emergency meal was defrosting (win!). I than went on studying a Degree in Complementary Medicine which made me appreciate even more the importance of nurturing all aspects of our lives while decluttering what doesn't serve our well-being. I definitely became a lover of simple life!


If you're passionate about food, love and connection I will show you how to get organised, give yourself some well deserved love, and create more CONNECTION around the dinner table, as well as setting yourself free from complicated meal plans (if you want to).

Finally, you can enjoy the beautiful experts interviews that shine some light on simple changes that will help you feeling more vibrant, present and happy. 

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Marina Meier

I used to think that Italian cooking is complicated but these recipes were so easy to follow and recreate. What I really love about this program is that I don't need any fancy ingredients to cook these delicious meals.

Anita Lenmarie

Cooking con Amore was a much needed reminder that food is not only fuel and it’s certainly not the enemy. A reminder that through simple, fresh, whole food we can not only nourish ourselves but also our connection to others. Sara personifies Italian warmth and hospitality and it didn’t take long for her insights to impact on my daily life. She’s finally given me the courage to make home made pasta!

Sara Kay

Cooking con Amore is so much more than beautiful recipes and cooking lessons, it is a way of life lesson. Sara brings her heart into your home and shows you how her own struggles as a new mum led her to find her life’s passion and reconnect with her heritage and the women who came before her. I loved every moment of this course and I think you will find the experts featured addition a beautiful informative surprise! I can highly recommend this course and hope you too take the journey with Sara and find love in the art of cooking and connecting.

Creating Vibrant Health, Love & Connection


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